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Saudi Arabia
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About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a land of contrasts and ancient traditions, beckons travelers with its rich historical heritage and modern developments. As the birthplace of Islam, the Kingdom is home to sacred sites like Mecca and Medina, drawing millions of pilgrims each year for the Hajj and Umrah. Riyadh, the capital city, boasts a skyline adorned with gleaming towers, reflecting the nation’s economic growth and ambitious vision. Beyond the urban centers, Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscapes offer natural wonders such as the Red Sea coast’s pristine beaches, the vast Empty Quarter desert’s sweeping dunes, and the majestic Al-Soudah mountains’ serene beauty. Traditional markets, known as souks, showcase the country’s artisanal crafts and culinary delights, while modern malls cater to luxury shopping experiences. Hospitality is deeply ingrained in Saudi culture, with warm welcomes and generous hospitality awaiting visitors. Whether exploring ancient ruins, indulging in local cuisine, or experiencing the kingdom’s hospitality, Saudi Arabia invites travellers to discover its captivating charm and timeless allure.Additionally, travelers planning to visit nearby Dubai can conveniently obtain their Dubai Visa Online, enhancing their travel experience with ease and efficiency.

Our Saudi Arabia Visa Services

Umrah Visa
  • 3 Months Single Entry
Tourist Visa
  • 3 Months Multiple Entry
Personal Visit
  • 1 Year Multiple Entry
Business Visit
  • 1 Year Multiple Entry

List of Documents Required to Apply for Saudi Visa in India

  • An acceptable passport with a validity of at least six months.
  • Passport-size photos as per specifications.
  • Confirmed round-trip flight tickets.
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements(optional).
  • Travel insurance (recommended).


  • Sponsor Details
  • An acceptable passport with a validity of at least six   months.
  • Passenger’s white background passport size photo (4)
  • Visa Copy


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